What are the GDG Tech Sessions

Due to the constraints felt global due to the new pandemic, we were forced to change the way we share knowledge with our GDG community.

Now, instead of having in-person events, we are trying to adapt to a new format of events, namely, online events. However, this comes with a significant opportunity!

Now, we are able to share even more content for our entire GDG community, regardless of their city or country. All together in a series of events previously scheduled.

Latest Events

GDG Tech Sessions — Kotlin Special Edition

Kotlin multiplatform is a technology that allows you to share code between Android and iOS. In this talk, we will do a walkthrough on how to structure and set up a project for Android and iOS. We’ll explore possible architectures that could fit with multiplatform development…

GDG Tech Sessions — Android Training Program

Android Training Program (ATP) was initially launched in Portugal during 2018 as an in-person initiative. Aiming to promote Android app development among students in Portuguese universities and politecnicos, the team was planning the 2020 edition when all academic institutions went to working from home: all the in-person events were shut down.

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