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GDG Tech Sessions — GDG Torino Edition — Data Studio for Online Events

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Ever heard of Google Data Studio (GDS)? 

It’s a fairly new Data Visualization tool.
The best part? It’s well integrated with other Google tools. Oh, it’s also free.

Alessio Rizzolo (@rizzolessio) is a junior digital marketer and a developer community lead, with the feeling that communities have a terrific impact, but they don’t get enough credit for that.

Moreover, he believes that an analytics challenge is on the horizon: GDGs and other communities have always collected a lot of knowledge from first-hand experience in real meetups. With the shift to online-first events, we now need a good framework to gather insight from digital data. Enter GDS.

Let’s dive in the basics of this tool, the most important options and some tips for an event data gathering workflow. With very, very little STEM background, Alessio Rizzolo is the living proof that this will be one of the most accessible talks you’ll ever encounter in a GDG.

So, what are you waiting for?
“Your data is beautiful. Use it.”

Who is the speaker?
Alessio Rizzolo

Alessio Rizzolo

GDG Torino

Junior digital marketer and a developer community lead.

Spreadsheet and web nerd by day, community manager and martial artist by night. Multi-monitor PCs are my domain and I can’t resist measuring all data, optimizing application and automating workflows. (Yes, it can take longer than manual work. Yes, I still do it).
Events organization burns me but I end up enjoying it and doing it again and again.
I waste my left money with a digital and vintage photography hobby.

Who can enrol at this event?

Everyone 🙌.

If you have any question, reach at host organizers by sending a message

Can I share this event on my community?

Yes, of course! We have the social snippets with the info about the event, if you want to share it on your meetup or in your social networks. Find it here.


19th August 2020 | 19:00 CEST

19:00 – 19:05 – Tech Session Presentation (5 min)

Brief introduction to the initiative, with the participation of the promoters, showing useful data.

19:05 – 19:10 – Guest GDG introduction: GDG Torino (5 min)

Brief introduction to the guests GDG, GDG leaders and speakers. 

19:10 – 19:45 – Guest speaker’s talk (35 min)

Presentation of the topic in the form of slides provided by the speaker.

19:45 – 19:55 – Discussion panel, Q&A (10 min)

The Q&A is intended to be made by the public along with the session, not only at the end — the most upvoted questions will be answered.

19:55 – 20:00 – Final remarks (5 min)

Thank you guest GDG and speaker’s participation.


Aug 19 2020


7:00 pm - 8:25 pm


Online event – YouTube
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